Cosmec srl was founded in 2003 in Cesena (FC) as an exclusive supplier of machinery for a leading company operating in the fruit and vegetable sector.
Since 2015, thanks to the experience gained by the founding partners Abori Chet and Aloisi Gianni, it has positioned itself autonomously on the market, redefining all production in terms of mechanics, software, component quality, self-diagnostics, remote control availability of spare parts, which made it possible to become a partner of the world leader company in the apple sector and to obtain Industry 4.0 certification.

The goal is to provide customers in the fruit and vegetable sector with reliable, performing, safe work tools with a high quality standard. A personalized answer, able to follow the customer’s needs, characterized by a strong dynamism and dictated by the multiple commercial and logistic needs.

An important eye also to safety, to protect the operators who follow the activities next to the machinery, the maximum protection in compliance with the regulations in force.

Cosmec srl during the design phase makes use of the constant collaboration with top-level companies specialized in various fields.
  • Mechanical design: SG Automation, Studio Oltre, Tecno 90
  • Electrical and electronic design: GS electromechanical
  • Software design: Toni Oliver srl
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