InKarta® project

100% Nature inside and out

Far beyond the current flexible fossil-based packaging net, film or mixed.
This material is destined to change the food packaging industry while respecting the environment and the standards issued at the EU and global levels.

The Packaging distributed by inKarta is the answer to the principles of sustainability created in compliance with a circular economy and represents the most advanced proposal for the future of zero-impact fruit and vegetable packaging for the ‘Environment.

Paper Bag
Fruits and vegetables

Content up to 2.5 Kg

Potatoes / Onions / Carrots / Green Beans
Garlic / Shallots / Chestnuts
Walnuts in the shell.

Available in paper and cellulose hydrate printable with water-based inks.

Paper Bag

Content up to 1 Kg.

Dried legumes in general such as:
beans / chickpeas / lentils
broad beans / peas / soy.

Available in paper and cellulose hydrate and printable with water-based inks.

Paper Pack
Fruits and vegetables

Content up to 1Kg.

Kiwi / Strawberry / Apricot
Plum / Avocado / Fennel
Endive / Celery / Potato.

Available in paper and cellulose hydrate and printable with water-based inks.

Recyclable Paper

Many characteristics determine its intrinsic qualities other than the fact of the total absence of components with fossil origin; the whole pack is made with cellulose, coming from FSC certified forests, including the transparent film in cellulose hydrate.
The result is a disposable paper in the paper recycling circuit and recyclable according to the parameters established by the Aticelca body with 501/20 class “A” and W.M.U. 13-10-2020.

Paper, is a renewable source, composed of natural, recyclable material (in Europe over 87% of all raw material produced is recycled), it derives from programmed planting forests which contributes to the growth phase, in reducing the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.

Paper can be heat-sealed with certified Water Based Din Certco, sealing material and can also be used on existing packaging machines, with thermal sealing bars. The film is also Home compostable certified and comes from FSC certified forests TT-COC-005214.

Printing is carried out with “OK Compost Home” water-based inks.

A prominent feature is that it is suitable for the packaging of wet products. Its consistency guarantees a barrier against oxidation from UV rays.

Thanks to its natural porosity and the CH window, the pack is airtight and able to create an ideal microclimate to extend the shelf life of the products contained.

Last but not least, its cost is in line with the current prices of fossil-based materials, it favors a transition to sustainability, achieved in compliance with a zero-residue circular economy.

The sustainable alternative to flexible packaging for fruit and vegetables.

The perfect packaging for packaging vegetables and fresh fruit.

100% recyclable paper

All the paper that makes up the packaging is recyclable in full compliance with a circular economy with zero residue.

100% vegetable origin

100% FSC certified paper and cellulose hydrate of vegetable origin.

It comes from renewable sources

The energy used for the production of the packaging is completely green.

Airtight and moisture resistant

The products are protected from UV rays which promote oxidation. They do not receive contamination from the outside but are always protected inside the package until opening.

Plastic Free

Only paper and cellulose hydrate, two natural and biodegradable/compostable elements that blend together and are printed with water-based inks.


The natural transpiration paper guarantees freshness, protection, conservation, for a much longer period than all packs that use nets.

The Machine

This innovative packaging is made, thanks to a sophisticated and technological vertical packaging machine that was born in Italy from decades of long experience by highly qualified technicians and engineers.

An innovative and unprecedented combination of material and machine.

The material control is so effective that it can process not only paper, but also all plastics on the market without replacing any component.

2 Italian patents

for the absolute control of the package geometry and of the different consumables

10 ‘ASEM touch screen
High-speed unwinding and production
Siemens PLC and Brushless motors
Siemens electrical / electronic components and I/O cards
Plastic and paper group sealing bars
Thermal transfer printer
Markem smart date 45
Remote control